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The filter elements

the filter element


Filter elements — removable parts filters designed for cleaning different types of environments. Free from impurities foreign particles in the air, water, fuel, exhaust. They are divided into cellular air dryers, elements, fine and coarse.


The filter elements for the filtration of fuels and lubricants, emissions — demand transport engineering. They are the structural elements of any machinery, trucks and cars. Without hydraulic filter elements impossible to maintain the purity of the water, they detain particles of dirt than prevent early wear of the valve. According to estimates of professionals, more than 50% of all failures of hydraulic systems is due to contamination by extraneous particles. The use of high quality filters for hydraulics in good condition for a long time. Such filter elements are used in pipelines, hydraulic systems, forestry, material handling, earth moving equipment, drilling rigs, Indisputable advantage is the ability to withstand higher pressure.


Each time you select you must consider the components for harvesters and forwarders, the properties of water flow. Pressure filters, for example, must withstand high pressure. Drain — do not possess this quality, but I have to pass up to 200 liters per minute. One of the main characteristics of quality is filtration.

Modern cleaning elements have a structure that is able to capture particles up to 25 microns. This level will guarantee excellent conditions throughout the system, but it must be remembered that a significant pollution of the environment requires the use of at least 2 filters — coarse, plus a fine filter.


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