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The compensator flange

Technical characteristics

Flange expansion joint is a flexible connection, the so-called vibro-box that is a subsidiary element of the pipeline, with no impact on its functionality. Relieves the axial load reduces vibration. To compensator served longer, them filled with an elastic synthetic, heat-resistant composite. resistant to hydrodynamic shock, prolonged exposure to hot water. If the missing pipe flange compensator, repetitive compression-expansion of the pipe may destroy the pipe.

Key benefits

— small weight;

— ease of installation;

— the ability to reduce noise and vibration;

— high thermal insulation;

The installation is carried out without using gas welding, electric welding in tight spaces where it is difficult to bring welding equipment. Throughout the lifetime of flanged expansion joints do not require maintenance. They allow to save considerable funds on the acquisition of new elements of the pipeline system, repair, purchase, replacement of pipeline equipment, which inevitably is destroyed by vibration and thermal strains.


Can significantly increase the service life of the pipeline, prevent fractures, protect against strains. For any piping systems experiencing thermal, vibration, pressure fluctuations. The oil industry, heating systems, ventilation, fuel system, main pipeline of the heating system where the pipe is exposed to high pressure and temperature, there is a possibility of mechanical damage. Compensators of this type are perfectly absorb noise, vibration. The important role played by flexible insert that takes most of the load while hydraulic shock, displacement. It neutralizes the heat generated in the elongation. Anti-vibration insert dampens any small damaging vibration. Thanks to the compensator flanged tubing can be used under the following conditions: maximum pressure — 16 ATM.; limiting temperature — 115 °C.


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