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Technical characteristics

Valve — a device for regulating the flow of steam, gas or fluid in the piping system. The choice of valve depends on the conditions of use depends on the environment, in contact with which it is applied. The size depends on the cross section of the pipe, from 1 mm to 1 meter and more. For the manufacture of a valve using such materials as titanium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, bronze, stainless steel and others. Valves, made of stainless steel or Nickel have higher resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

Types of valves

There are different types of valves. Depending on the direction of movement of the working environment there are such valves continuous, straight-through and corner.

Locking is used to fully shut off the flow.

Reverse — mounted on the pipeline in order to prevent the direction of flow in the technological system, when the pump is switched off.

Regulating — regulate the pipeline flow rate

Safety — installed in heating systems, hot and cold water.

Features imported valves

Stainless valves are imported have a variety of surface treatment. The most common surface finish, but also apply a mirror (polished) and polished surface. They are wrapped in foil to preserve during installation or shipping.


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