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Compensator heat distribution

Technical characteristics

Compensators for heating systems dampen axial displacement of the elements of the pipeline system that can be triggered by pressure drop in the risers of multi-storey buildings. Used for effective protection against deformation.

Design features

All elements are made of high quality stainless steel. With such a durable material, the inner Cup does not allow to drop the system pressure, the stroke limiter keeps the operation of the compensator on the level of required performance, and the protective cover protects the outer part from any damage.


Design is equipped with a flexible bellows which compensates for axial changes. The high strength of the products is ensured by a protective casing and guide rods. Thanks to the compensator casing is protected from the pressure exerted by the weight of the pipeline in case of damage or sagging.

Damage protection

The bellows is protected from damage by a special internal pipe, whose task is to protect the corrugations from sedimentation and accumulation of dirt. A special mechanism prevents unexpected loads exerted on the bellows.


Typically, the compensators of heating systems are supplied in a stressed state. When the device is inserted into the pipeline system, it begins to function automatically in accordance with the rhythm. This mechanism is designed so that can’t hurt the Jack under accidental rupture, in addition, it optimally adjusts the movement compensating device for the whole period of operation.

Key benefits

— ease of installation;

— aesthetic appearance, whereby the device can be used in modern buildings, hotels and homes;

— equipped with a limiter that allows you to track the maximum and minimum limits and pre-tension;

— prevents noise and deformations, resulting from thermal expansion.


The extension of the pipeline when water temperature 70−90°C is about one millimeter for every meter of the pipeline system. Before the advent of compensators for neutralizing thermal expansion was used for air bends, pipe bends. To carry out these works it was necessary to spend a considerable amount of money. Also, the pipeline had a rather unattractive, unsightly. The appearance of the compensator changed much for the better. 30 metres of the pipeline requires only one thermal grid compensator. The total compensating capacity of these devices up to 50 mm. For installation you should choose a straight pipe section located between two fixed supports.


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