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Metal compensator

Technical characteristics

Expansion joints are devices, which compensate for any movement of the pipeline caused by the passage thereon of different environments. These devices are designed to prevent: axial, thermal, and angular deformities. They can quickly extinguish any vibration appearing at work. The main task of expansion — the extension of the service life of all elements of the pipeline system.


The most popular type of compensators are devices bellows type. They consist of a bellows or from several, is made of laminated steel connecting fittings. Under the bellows is understood to be flexible corrugation. Bellows can be equipped with protective housings, internal cranes and limiters moves. The presence of certain elements depends on the characteristics of working environments, scope and method of execution.

Bellows expansion joints are divided into the following types: for gases, heating systems, universal, axial, balanced, rotary (angular), the shift start. In the heating system they compensate for axial temperature variations of the pipeline system hot water systems high-rise buildings. Main characteristics: working pressure 6−25 psi.; diameter 15−150 mm; operating temperature -60°C +350°C.

Universal expansion joints compensate for angular, axial, shear displacement of pipeline systems and equipment. Diameter — 15−5000 mm.; designed for a working pressure of 150 ATM.; working temperature is -260°C to +900°C.

Axial expansion joints are used for removing the load from vibration, compensation of the axial movement, prevention of damage of the pipeline. These devices consist of a bellows or pair of bellows. Main characteristics: working pressure from vacuum to 150 ATM.; diameter — 15−5000 mm. working temperature range -260°C to +900°C.

Angular expansion joints to compensate for rotary or angular displacement of the pipeline in 1 — 2 planes. Diameter — 15−5000 mm.; designed for a working pressure of 150 ATM.; working temperature is -260°C to +900°C.

Shear device shear compensate for fluctuations in the pipeline system. Diameter — 15−5000 mm.; designed for a working pressure of 150 ATM.; working temperature is -260°C to +800°C.

Starting bellows devices compensate for the axial displacement of the pipeline of heating at start-up. A compensator of this type is made complete with telescopic protective housings, which are welded after the system is started. Main characteristics: operating pressure equal to 50 ATM.; diameter ranges from 25 mm. to 2500 mm; operating temperature range -60°C +550°C.


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