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Ropes and cables

Technical characteristics

Structural element of the crane and cargo arrangements in the machinery, transportation and mining industry is the steel cable. From the field of application and operational purposes to distinguish the cable of several types: traction, carriers, binders, reinforcing and lifting. According to GOST steel cables are also divided into a cargo, the purpose of which is the rise of various cargoes, and gruzolyudskie — they can be used to transport human resources.


For the production of steel cables using carbon steel coated (plastic, galvanized), and without it. Galvanized wire have improved anticorrosive properties and can be used in corrosive conditions of varying hardness. The manufacture of this metal is running normal and high precision. The rope of stainless steel can be a different design depend on the specific conditions of their operation, which naturally affects their value.

As for the production of stainless wire rope used steel wire of different quality and with different mechanical characteristics, respectively, it affects the quality of the final product. That is why there are brand of wire ropes and steel wire ropes for General purpose normal, high and high quality.


The number of wire ropes depends on their flexibility — the more wires used, the more flexibility has the rope. For example, for the production of cables of high flexibility are used 144 of wire wound around the core. With regard to the important structural details of the cable, as the core, in its manufacture are used as organic materials (OS), and metals (ICJ). Now you can easily buy any type of rope completely at an affordable price.

The elements of a steel wire can have a different direction of lay — left or right, and the combination of the directions of lay of the elements by the product of unilateral and cross. Steel cable has its own strength properties, tensile,. Spinning in the same direction of lay of strands in layers of rope, and makrushina opposite. Also produce ropes unwinding, prescripcialis and ratowanie, and different types of lay. Before to purchase a steel cable or rope must be aware of the technical passport of the mechanism to which it is intended, or to use the advice of professionals.


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