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Lens compensator.

Technical characteristics

Lens compensators required to neutralize temperature fluctuations round pipes, rectangular gas ducts. Operated only in a few corrosive environments. Are made according to OST for axial lens type expansion joints Ø 1−220 see used for repayment of the thermal elongation of piping systems in the axial direction. Additionally equipped with protective internal casing in the form of a Cup or sleeve that protects the corrugations or lenses from all sorts of mechanical impurities, passing along in a work environment.

Performance parameters

  • Nominal pressure which is in direct proportion to the vacuum, does not exceed 10 MPa.;
  • The temperature is in the range of +240°C +1000°C;

Installation of lens compensators

  • flange
  • weld.

Axial lens compensators

Used by industry in the following environments: steam, water, non-corrosive liquid, the pressure of which does not exceed, respectively, 1.6 MPa, 0.6 MPa and 1 MPa. The device has a rather simple design: a pair of polylines, welded together at the tops. To vertices not accumulate moisture compensators are equipped with otvodkami condensate. To avoid clogging with dirt lens has a inner protective tube. Index of the compensating ability of the device depends on the number of lenses — the more, the higher the compensating capacity.

Corner lens compensators

Compensate for temperature changes along the length of the pipelines Z-, G-, P-shaped, working in the steam and water environments, where temperatures can reach 425 °C. They have a simple design — paulenz, complemented by articulated scheme, due to which the device is displaced at a certain angle. Equipped with a reinforcing pad. Compensatory ability is not measured by millimeters and minutes or degrees.

Corner twin lens compensators

The principle of operation is similar to the conventional principle of angular expansion joints. However, the arrangement of the hinges is completely different, which can be used to neutralize how shear and angular displacements. Malwarescanner used in environments where the pressure does not fall below 1.6 MPa, and the temperature does not rise above 425 °C.

The lens compensators are used energy during installation of heating systems. According to the requirements of OST these devices are made of rough steel, but does not exclude the possibility of using the alloy 09G2S steel and stainless steel. In the latter case, the maximum temperature should not exceed 550 °C.


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