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Woven mesh tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum

Technical characteristics

Today the use of meshes of different materials is common in all fields of human activity. Woven tungsten-molybdenum-tantalum mesh is used by builders for sifting, reinforcement, her popularity gradually captures the manufacturing sector.


This wire product is flat weave. The Foundation runs along the curtain, ducks — across. In the case of the plain type of weave uses a single-wire for warp and weft when weaving twill pair. Manufacturer of woven wire mesh is held on a special machine by metal-perpendicular weave (cross) wire strands together according to GOST 3826−82. Use annealed wire with different diameter and mesh size (square, rectangular, zero). Standard width: 1000 — 2000 mm. the cell Dimensions in the light of 0.4 — 20.0 mm (the growth step in large cells of 0.05 — 2.00 mm), wire thickness 0,2 — 2,5 mm.


Is the rolls, which may consist of several (up to 5) pieces. The length of these pieces is not less than 2 m grid with a mesh of 0.4 — 2.0 mm and more than seven meters to the grid with a mesh of 2.2 — 20.0 mm. the Standard Width of 1 m, although there are rolls of a width of 1,3; 1,5; 1,8; 2,0 meters. Priobretaet mesh woven from tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum today.

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The benefits of using

Easy installation, disassembly, transport. Reusability due to its strength and reliability. Cheaper stainless steel mesh, but the steel is subject to corrosion, therefore its use eliminates contact with aggressive media.


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