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Metal hose with flange connection with hinged bolts

Technical characteristics

Sealed high pressure metal hose with flange connection, hinged bolts, the corrugated shell class SUVS — used for quick joining of pipelines and pumping gas, condensate, fuels and lubricants. Metal sleeve SGRS are made of ribbon steel thickness 0.15 — 0.4 mm by the method of coiling the profiled steel tape. Selifonova part reinforced single or double steel mesh braid. At the end of the steel sleeve fits over the glass, which reduces bending stress in the area of the reinforcement. The sleeve is made of a series 4656А length 250 — 6000 mm. with internal corrugated pipe Ø 50 — 150 mm. In the calculation of the length of the item includes the parameters of the flange on both sides.


In conditions of extreme temperature and pressure for the transfer of steam, water, condensate, chemicals and petroleum products. The elasticity of the sleeve Assembly and compensates for thermal deformation, that allows to apply widely in the nuclear, chemical, food industry, machine-tool construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, metallurgy. Use it on fuel lines ensures prompt replacement of working elements of the pipeline. The main advantage is the high mounting speed, reliability and the possibility of multiple disassembly and Assembly.

Operating conditions

  • Working environment t°-260 +800°C,
  • Working pressure up to 280 kg/cm2.

Operating conditions can be adjusted depending on the material and type of flange.


The length choice is very important. Using too short or long sleeve increases the risk of fracture and rupture. The length of the sleeve includes neutral areas, otherwise the installation is performed strictly in a straight line. Flange connections can have 8 or 4 hinged bolt. Proper distribution of clamping force when tightening the bolts in a zigzag pattern gives a reliable seal. It uses a strip of rubber or PTFE.


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