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The cone angle 74°

Hose cone with an angle of 74°

Metal hose high pressure amplifying valve having a female thread cone with an angle of 74°, provide the most accurate and tight fit to the tubing. Sleeve with a swivel nut that is connecting, it consists of stainless steel corrugated flexible hose metal braided hose, manufactured with a diameter from 6 to 16 mm with length of flexible part from 250 to 6000 mm.


Used billet in the form of a tube made of a thin steel strip, which method of corrugating the outer running rings forming a profile along a helix. In the manufacture of corrugation to enhance the carrying capacity of the sleeve in the trench is laid a spiral of stainless high-tensile wire.

Stainless steel metal hose with sealed fittings type RGTA is made based on operating pressure of 280 atmospheres, length from 250 up to 6000 mm, has the entrance diameter of the inner shell 6 to 16.0 mm when the thickness of the source material from 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm.


Transport of aggressive and explosive environments in all industries. Docking of components and piping in areas of restricted access for welding. Temporary docking or simultaneous docking of several pipelines and units.

Metallorukav swivel connection is indispensable for quick connection of various pipelines having a small diameter. High corrosion resistance, compensation for thermal and axial expansion, the absorption of vibrations and oscillations of the pipeline is provided the use of such products for transportation environments under low or high pressure.

Operating conditions

  • Specifications working medium: steam, water, air, gases, corrosive media, oil products,
  • Parameters working pressure: vacuum to 210 kg/sq. cm
  • Parameters working environment temperature: from -260 to +800S.


Depends on the operating conditions. Note that the operating pressure reduced to a temperature equal to 20 degrees, defined as the quotient when dividing the working pressure at the working environment temperature on the coefficient k. Hoping mounting works, it is necessary to consider the presence of neutral sites at the installation location of rebar, not exposed to bending during operation. The lifespan depends on the number of working cycles, wherein one cycle is considered when metallorukav once shifting as a result of vibration, thermal expansion and returns to its original position. Installation requires only the presence of a conventional tool to tighten the swivel nut. Installation is done by considering the absence of large loose areas, preventing the sagging of the hoses. Maximum distance between supports should not stand more than 2 metres or 10… DN 50.


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