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Metal hose, features and usage

Technical characteristics

Corrugated metal hose is a flexible airtight tubing supplied with end fittings and enclosed in a sheath. Through metal conduit transportations gas, liquids under pressure, including explosive and aggressive. The flexibility of the sleeve is ensured by the corrugated part made from high-alloy stainless steel, and the reinforcing element is a metal braid, which gives the opportunity to exploit the product under high pressure. Made with diameters from 6 to 350 mm and lengths from 0.2 m to 6 m. If the length exceeds 2 meters, it is possible to manufacture the individual segments with the use of rigid connecting elements, which when mounted are installed on the supports. The manufacturing of the shirred casing is carried out using two methods:

  • The formation of welded or seamless pipes with a wall thickness of from 0.1 to 0.5 mm.
  • Method of nabivanija profiled tape with simultaneous welding, roller seam welding, at the vertices of the corrugation.


Hermetic joining rigid pipelines land-based and marine equipment. Transportation of gases and liquids, such as hydrogen, nitrogen, xenon and oxygen, in the temperature range from -200 to 550 °C and pressures up to 600 ATM. in the shipbuilding, metallurgical, automotive, machine tool, petroleum industry. Support the vacuum in the system wiring atomic boilers.

The advantages of the product is determined:

  • the number of braids, performing the function of reinforcement
  • the corrugated profile of the height and pitch of corrugation, their number per unit length,
  • measure the wall thickness,
  • production material.

Metallorukav ensures the absorption of vibration during transportation of liquid, gaseous media, regardless of high or low temperatures. Metalloproizvoditelej reliable connection with a movable pipeline compensates for temperature changes, inaccuracies of mounting.

The duration of service

Depends on the number of cycles of displacement and return to its original position under the influence of pressure, temperature, frequency and amplitude of oscillations, vibrations and loads in torsion. Pulsation of the working medium in fuel and hydraulic systems, which are caused by the gear and plunger pumps, leading to premature wear and destruction of the shell. In this case, the system introduced a damping device. To prevent water hammer do not use metal conduit in the pipeline for the pumping of the working mixture at a speed exceeding 8 m/s for liquids and 50 m/s for gases.


Installation is made so that the system is not there were large areas with loose tubing. Metallorukav operating in a horizontal plane, mounted on special supports, trays, use clamps and other devices. When docking with flange endings or fluoroplastic gaskets tightening is done in pairs crosswise, and tighten threaded a pair of keys without the use of extension cords.


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