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The compensator axial weld

Technical characteristics

Axial expansion joints are not serviceable. Their maximum lifetime is 30 years, during which they do not require maintenance. Almost all varieties are made with special fittings for welding. The only exceptions are the rubber types. Material for the connection pipe is selected dependent on the type of device and its purpose. The tube may be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel grades, article 20, as well as special alloys according to customer’s requirement.


On straight sections of pipelines to compensate for thermal expansion, corrections of inaccuracies of installation. When the temperature changes, the pipeline is shifted, which can cause gaps. An axial compensator has a protective function, taking on the full load displacement. Long experience shows that these devices are in many ways superior to other types of compensators. Because in addition to perform basic tasks, they reduces the costs of construction and operation of thermal networks, reduces the loss of thermal energy.

The main parameters

conditional pass diameter;

— working temperature, which the specialists use to calculate the magnitude of the stroke;

— maximum allowable pressure;

— the value of the target stroke;

— the type and material of the connecting fittings.


— reducing the bandwidth of the system;

— preserving the values of their target parameters under the influence of temperature changes, mechanical vibrations;

— improvement of layout of the pipeline system;

— lowered metal consumption;

— extending the lifetime of the accepted mechanisms and units;

— compensation test and the maximum working pressure, which affects the pipeline.


Pipeline system of water heating, pumping systems, heating systems, heating units and other similar structures. This type of device can be used for the following environments: water, oil, gas, steam, sea water, cryogenic products. The maximum working pressures should not exceed 125 kg/cm2. Operating temperature range 200 °C +500°C. Dependent on the conditions of use of the compensator, on its outer surface, housings, connecting rebar can be coated with a special protective anti-corrosion coating.


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