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Expansion joints


When you create a durable, reliable and safe pipelines there is one element, without which it is almost impossible. We are talking about the expansion joints: metal bellows, rubber, flanged, polypropylene. The diversity of these products is truly endless. The compensator is designed to prevent: axial, thermal, and angular deformations of pipelines. He dampen, any vibrations appearing during operation and prolong the service life of all elements of the pipeline system.

Rubber compensator

It acts as a mandatory element of the quality of the pipeline for transporting non-aggressive fluids. Its main objectives is the reduction of noise and prevention of vibration. Moreover, it functions as an axial compensator, prevent the destruction of the pipeline, not only due to vibration, but also thermal deformation or hydraulic shock. Depending on the safety requirements may be packaged in ordinary or flame-retardant case. The most common type of connection of the compensator — flanged.

Lens compensator

It is an indispensable fragment of pipelines, air ducts, water heating systems and water pipes — compensate thermal elongation occurring during the transportation of hot or very cold environments. One of the main consumers of such products are the heating systems and thermal power plants. In the housing sector such a compensator is an essential component when installing the water supply system of polypropylene pipes. With its simple design this item solves two major problems associated with transportation of water:

·thermal expansion;

·increasing the pressure under pressure.

Easy installation and low cost are its indisputable advantages. .

Bellows compensator

It is the most popular among others. Consists of a single or multiple bellows, bellows made of multi-layered steel connecting fittings. Bellows can be equipped with protective housings, internal cranes and limiters moves. The presence of certain elements depends on the characteristics of working environments, scope and method of execution.


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Expansion joints, valves

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