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Construction metal mesh is one of the important elements in the construction of durable and safe structures. It is the same successfully used in the reinforcement of the plaster and to create a warm floor, and as fencing. Of course, each of them different in their appearance and characteristics. Such as welded wire mesh (manufactured from round wire) is popular in:

·plastering works;

·laying tiles;

·creation of fences;

·the design of buildings and frameworks.

Relative to the price of a particular product, the mesh galvanized different costs depending on:

·the wire diameter;

·the method of applying zinc;

·the presence/absence of the polymer coating;

·the cell size.

The use of the products, their characteristics and properties, as well as the scope of reglamentary GOST.


According to the method of manufacture of nets is divided into woven, which is formed from cross-woven wires, braided network, which has a round and flat spiral, twisted, slit, capped and welded. Very comfortable woven mesh for sieving of bulk materials. It is made of low carbon wire, heat treated. Can be bright annealed, black and galvanized and tin. Made from bronze, platinum, brass and Nickel. Typically, the diameter of wire or side of the cell is from 0.03 to 3 mm. the Products of this type is manufactured both in Russia and abroad


Construction metal mesh today has a very wide field of applications — from reinforcement of road surfaces to dry materials in industrial enterprises. It can be used to fence of the cottages and garden plots. Many are made of various frames for greenhouses or polytunnels. Get a good cage for Pets. In construction — for reinforcement of masonry. Use it when plastering prevents cracks that appear when the shrinkage of the materials, it greatly increases the strength of finishing layers. If you use galvanized stainless steel mesh, two times increase the service life of the plastered surface. It will prevent the manifestation of rust on the plastered surface. Network, stainless steel the perfect way suitable for the fastening of mine workings.


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