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Rubber compensator

Technical characteristics

Rubber expansion joints are flexible elements used in joints of pipes. As a rule, expansion joints neutralize the temperature deformations of the pipeline; absorb the noise arising from the operation of the pump, soften hydrodynamic shocks, eliminates oscillation, vibration. Rubber anti-vibration compensator can be applied in the contours of the ventilation and cooling of nuclear power stations, heating companies, water supply systems, sewage systems, water treatment plants, water treatment, pump, boiler and t. d, .


For the production of elastic vibration absorbing connectors used are natural or synthetic elastomers. In the requirements there are some limitations. For example, the temperature should not exceed 130 °C, and maximum working pressure is to be above 16 ATM.

Key benefits

— have a relatively small weight, so their installation does not require the use of additional equipment;

— reduce thermal losses;

— have a lot of flexibility, so after the pressure drops rapidly return to the initial view;

the materials used for the manufacture of expansion joints, have the ability to prevent electrolytic effects, not thinning, not subject to aging;

— have a high resistance to shock loads caused by cavitation, water hammer;

— depending on the conditions of use of the selected elastomer for the manufacture of expansion joints. This approach allows to increase service life, increase corrosion resistance, abrasive materials, erosion;

— reduce the level of vibration, noise, acting on the principle of shock absorbers.


Flanged rubber expansion joints. Join the pipeline with special devices — flanges. Protect the pipeline from water hammer, reduced vibration, heat counteract transverse and longitudinal displacement.

Threaded end rubber expansion joints. Reduce vibration of the pipeline to protect it, prolong the service life. compensate hydraulic shocks, prevents transverse displacement of the pipeline, the thermal elongation, the possible longitudinal displacement. Operating conditions area of application depend on the main parameters and characteristics of these devices.


Metallurgical industry, chemical, oil and gas piping systems, shipbuilding, pulp and paper industry, control of contaminated wastewater. Coolers for cooling, vibration dampers, pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems, air compressors, radiators.


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