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Gland expansion joint

Technical characteristics

Gland compensators — multi-function devices have been used for many years. This is the oldest compensation devices, they are designed to prolong the life of the pipeline contours. Gland compensators have been created specifically for steam, heat and water networks, are designed for pressures of 1.6 MPa And 2.5 MPa, the maximum steam temperature is +300°C, water +200°C. Used for underground laying of heating mains and surface laying on the lower supports. Contribute to the compensation of angular and linear displacements.


This device consists of two steel pipes having different diameters. The smaller of the two inserted into a large. The space formed between these pipes, fill the stuffing box gasket. From the external side mounted special devices that limit movement, prevent hair loss inside of the pipe. Use thick-walled steel pipe, or welded together from several varieties of sheet steel. For the packing, a heat-resistant rubber, gasket brands AP-31, AP.

Variety gland compensators

— One-sided. Consists of a movable glass and the housing;

— Double-sided. Consist of two movable glasses, the case is lengthened.

Advantages of the use of

Has a small size, a relatively high compensating ability, small flow resistance. Thanks to its compact size, easily fit in the walk-through channels and chambers. To change the stuffing box or close-fitting device is placed in the camera branch conduits or compensatory thermal camera. It is desirable that such expansion joints are used in straight sections with a large diameter. Installation requires. compliance with safety standards. Installation should be done by professionals.


It is inappropriate to apply this type of device with a large amplitude compensating fluctuations and under high pressure. Their use does not preclude the possibility of leakage of transported products. In this regard, it is not recommended to use and almost never put where pumped aggressive, toxic or expensive products.


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