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Grid kanilirovannaya wire (corrugated)


Corrugated wire mesh is a metal product produced by a special kind of weaving. That is, if the manufacture does not apply welding or soldering, which makes construction of high strength, ability to withstand huge static shock.

Corrugated kannelirovannye the mesh is made of high carbon, low carbon, stainless and galvanized steel according to GOST 3306−88. Pre-wire is subjected to corrugation, that is, deformed in a special way. This gives the product greater rigidity. The fluting allows you to weave a network of wire with a cross section of large diameter of all types of steel. The cell is usually square with dimensions of 1.6 — 100 mm. On special request we can manufacture large size of the cells.


Kanilirovannaya wire (corrugated) network comes in rolls and maps. The minimum length of the rolled mesh is 1 meter. Meshes in cards are available in length up to 5 m. According to customer requirements length of the card may be much greater.


Manufacture of vibrating screens, vibrating screens. Equipment various settings, sieves intended for screening of oil shale, coke, coal, non-ferrous or ferrous metals, pellets, crushed stone, agglomerate, nonmetallic construction and other granular or lump materials. Is used for the reinforcement of concrete products non-normalized strength, support, insulation materials, devices, fences or private industrial facilities, manufacturing of lightweight structures. The corrosion resistance allows to use it when performing road work, use in the furniture industry, the automotive industry, the aircraft industry. It is widely used in food, chemical industry, as it is not destroyed under the influence of acids.


The ease of use. Mesh is produced in rolls or packs of cards that are easy to transport. The use of galvanized wire allows to obtain a product with high anti-corrosion properties, which significantly increases the service life in adverse climatic conditions.


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