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Filter mesh lace woven

Three main types of metal netting, plastic mesh (plain, twill, galonne) for filters often used galonne netting. The name comes from the technology of manufacturing items of military clothing — braids, i.e. strip or stripe of Golden or silver braid.


It turns out that if the wire framework will be thicker than the duck, but still go to two or three threads, it turns out the so-called zero cell. That is, it is the gap is not square or rectangular, and not without gleams. All the threads will be tightly closed due to the fact that the base material thicker material duck. However, the bandwidth of such a filter is saved. The pattern of the filter is three wire, so looks very beautiful.


Size salonnogo section is determined not by cell size, and number of wires in 1 inch or 2.6 mm long. The mesh number corresponds to the number of wires to the required length. The higher the number, the smaller the wire diameter. Release of lace weaving setkus rooms from 20 to 200. The netting is produced according to GOST 3187−76. Indicate by letter and number. For example, plain, П28 with a diameter of 0.6/0.4 mm (warp/weft) with the roll width of 1000 mm.


Galonne weave made from filaments on the basis of copper, black steel, plastic. Strength stainless wire, of course, higher than that of polyamide materials. Woven filter fabric lace woven release 1) with high accuracy (tight tolerance), 2) with less precision (larger tolerance). The first is used for drying, filtering of solutions, suspensions, dusty gases. Coarse (large) tolerance is often used for sifting dry materials, such as reinforcing design.


To determine the size of noise particles use a unit of measurement known as the elongation of the netting. Is the ratio of center distance between the wires basis to the diameter of this wire. Normal ratio I think 5 or 6. Deviation from this standarte degrades the so-called hydraulic porosity of the mesh.

If the mesh is used to filter borehole, it is necessary to pick up correctly. You can skip the sand is removed from the aquifer through the sample mesh in different rooms. You need to choose a so that the fine sand has passed through the filter is not damaged pumping station. If the cell is close to the size of a grain of sand, she gets dirty. More fine sand will pass without clogging the system. The larger — will be screened. A filter protection from damage by large rocks. Intake pipe is closed from the outside cut with holes with a diameter of 2…3 cm. It stops larger fragments around the pipe, thus forming an additional filter.


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