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Woven wire mesh stainless


Produce the following metal mesh:

  • masonry
  • welded
  • woven
  • corrugated

Each of them has its advantages, has its own peculiarities. The most common type is a stainless steel mesh. In its manufacture are very carefully selected material. Usually use stainless steel wire containing a large percentage of chromium, which gives high corrosion resistance in all weather conditions. The diameter of this wire is usually at least 0.3 mm., the Cells may be square and rectangular in shape. This product can be packaged as cards, and rolls of 100 meters.


  • the method of manufacture;
  • the shape of the cells;
  • the size of the cells.

The smallest cell area of 0.025 mm2. Also the unit is on the sectional shape of the wire.


Reinforcement of road surfaces, fence suburban backyard plots, drying materials in industrial enterprises. Stainless woven mesh can be used to reinforce frames, greenhouses, cages for poultry farms. In the building — the brickwork reinforcement. The use of stainless woven mesh in the stucco considerably increases the strength of finishing layers prevent the shrinkage of material and cracking. If you use galvanized stainless steel mesh, two times increase the service life of the plastered surface. It will prevent the manifestation of rust on the plastered surface. Network, stainless steel the perfect way suitable for the fastening of mine workings.


In the manufacture of the mesh are divided into woven, which is formed from cross-woven wires, braided network, which has a round and flat spiral, twisted, slit, capped and welded. Very comfortable woven mesh for sieving of bulk materials. It is made of low carbon wire, heat treated. Can be bright annealed, black and galvanized and tin. Typically, the diameter of the wire and the side of the cell is 0.03 and 3 mm, respectively. The products of this type is manufactured both in Russia and abroad.


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