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Wire mesh single


For anybody not a secret how important it is for the human desire to acquire housing. The ever-increasing population leads to a shortage of available land, this problem becomes more acute. Construction of residential and industrial premises requires professional knowledge of stages of construction, and the availability of the necessary equipment. You need to pay attention to every little detail. For example, when laying the Foundation equally important is the quality of the mixes as the Foundation of a future home. For the correct usage of cement is necessary, along with other construction mixtures, to sift carefully. Often use a woven network.


Mesh woven wire single cross formed by interweaving the basics with the weft threads, which are located across the web. Such a grid is characterized by several criteria: the type of weave is plain weave or twill. The first is formed by alternately weaving the warp threads with the weft thread. Twill is formed by interlacing warp and weft in a few threads. The ratio of fibers to distinguish rectangular or square cells. Types of wire: stainless steel or low carbon previously thermally treated. The size of the mean ratio of filaments within a single cell. In line with this, there are the following dimensions (in millimeters): 0,53/0,6; 0,72/0,7; 0,72/1,5; 0,72/1,2; 0,72/0,9; 0,92/1,2.


Woven mesh is supplied in rolls of 30−80 meters. Roll width is from 1000 to 2000 mm. Mesh, the cell dimensions which do not exceed 1 mm, to be packaging. Usually it is paper, polymer film or fabric packaging. The rolls of mesh Packed in bags weighing no more than 1 ton.


Filtering liquid, sieving (separation) of large substances from smaller ones. It can be cement, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, coke, various mixes. In addition, the woven mesh is used for drying various materials, air cleaning. Each of the varieties of woven mesh perform a specific filtration function.


Mesh woven wire single has its advantages that make it popular in various fields of human activity. The fine mesh allows to obtain a homogeneous substance during its use for construction works, to ensure good ventilation. It serves as an excellent filter for mixtures of components of different sizes.


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