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Mesh fabric

Technical characteristics

Woven wire mesh — a versatile material used in construction for sifting granular materials consistency, plastering. Are used in many branches of industry, agriculture, for filtration of liquid or gaseous substances, production of conveyor belts.

The use of woven metal mesh

— manufacture of screens and sieves;

— production of filters, in aerospace, aviation, pharmaceutical, automotive, oil and gas industry;

— mining, precious metals, purification of clay solutions;

— enrichment of manganese ore;

— manufacture of filters for wells;

— production of household goods such as sieves, tapes.


Meshes differ in the dimensions of the sides of the cells with the wire diameter. There are several types of cells:

— square;

— rectangular;

— filter without cells in light.


Uses special metal-automatic machines. Wire warp and weft interwoven at right angles, forming a sheet. The Foundation runs along the curtain, ducks — across the web. Woven metal mesh is of excellent quality, manufactured according to GOST 3826−82 of stainless or low-carbon alloy. The first is more qualitative, highly resistant to rust, and it is important for any applications.

Types of weave

— Linen. Is made by successive plexus of each wire duck framework;

— Twill. The wire and weft are woven in two pieces.

Mesh types

— special heat-treated low carbon galvanized in groups L and C;

— without coating a special layer.


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