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Metal bellows compensator

Technical characteristics

The device consists of one or more bellows, protective, restrictive fittings. In fact, the bellows is a single-layer or multilayer corrugated shell are used to distinguish environments. This shell remains strength, stability and integrity of the piping system for the longitudinal angular, transverse and bending loads occurring under the effect of temperature, internal or external pressure, mechanical forces.


Neutralize thermal expansion, vibration of the pipeline, have a high degree of resistance to all kinds of cyclic deformations. Due to the fact that these devices are characterized by perfect tightness, they can work in vacuum conditions, strict temperature conditions, with significant changes in pressure — in the systems with liquid, vaporous environments

Expansion joints are manufactured from high-strength materials, which allows them to apply in contact with aggressive environment. Can be mounted in almost any place of the pipeline, capable of neutralizing static, cyclic loads induced by hydrodynamic shock, vibration. Characterized by small size, operational simplicity, economic advantage. Their use greatly reduced the costs of maintenance and repair of pipelines.


There are two types of these devices: two bellows and one bellows. Consist of two-piece or single-section compensator, made of stainless steel and placed in a steel protective casing.

CSR (axial bellows compensator) is used to compensate for temperature fluctuations of thermal networks. Are installed only on straight sections of the pipeline. These devices are widely used in heat networks, pumping plants, electric power plants, water plants.

S. K. corner have a small size, large angle bending. Most often used for district heating networks, chemical industry. Specifically designed to work on non-straight sections.


Dampen lateral movement, any changes with respect to its own axis when working with the following mediums: water, oil, gas, steam. Widely used in chemical, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, energy, nuclear industry, motor industry, aircraft industry, space industry, heat networks, heating systems of multi-storey buildings.


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