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Fabric compensator

Technical characteristics

Fabric compensator is a structure of a protective and connecting fittings, special heat-resistant and chemically resistant material which combines a composite fabric insert.

How durable compensator depends on its performance and smooth functioning. To increase strength using only the highest quality, time tested materials, resistant to UV radiation, gas erosion, frost… This isolation can be resistant to alkalis, acids, mechanical damage, high temperatures. For work at high temperatures, it is further equipped with insulating materials. They bear the main burden. Usually this material is used in the design together with metal embedded unit. The advantage of this unit is that it is flexible element disposed at a certain distance from the stream, protected from damage telescopic protective shields, insulation materials.

Types. Multi-layered fabric expansion joints

Multilayer fabric compensating devices equipped with additional internal insulation. These devices are made of several layers of gas-tight and heat-insulating materials. The choice of material takes into account the place of installation, the temperature of the transported medium. Used in areas where the temperature can reach 1000 — 1200 °C. the Main feature is a large compensating ability at relatively small dimensions. Place of installation: blast furnace gas flues, dusty environment, gas-pumping and compressor stations, boiler furnaces, power gas turbines, convective mine.

Chemically resistant expansion joints

For corrosive environments use chemically resistant PTFE, which is the main material of the compressor. These devices are able to withstand exposure to acids, alkalis. At relatively small dimensions have a high compensating ability, low stiffness. Scope: draft machines, gas purification system, gas removal.

Expansion joints for low temperatures

Fabric expansion joints working at low temperatures. With 1 — 2 layers of gas-tight material. Dampen temperature fluctuations of the equipment vibration. Scope of application: fans, ducts ventilation.

Heat-resistant expansion joints

Use several layers of gas-tight or insulating materials. Used in areas with high temperature. For flue gas temperature can reach 500 °C. Field of application: process gas duct, and equipment thermal power plants, a flexible draft machines, compensators air ducts and gas pipelines.


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