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Pipe fittings


Pipe fittings includes fixtures, parts, clamping units, is designed to control flow environments. Mounted on luih tanks, pipelines and aggregates. The adjustment is made manually or with the use of additional devices, for example electric drive. Allows you to make high-quality operation of the pipeline, at minimum cost. The main consumers of pipeline valves — building-assembling organizations, public utilities,

Types of pipe fittings

Nowadays, the safety and the mixing pipe fittings. Any of these types in stock «Auremo» has the widest range of parameters and characteristics, but one thing remains the same — quality, reasonable price and versatility of products.


It is used to shut off the flow of liquid, gaseous substances flowing through a pipeline. Valves — the most common class of devices, a sealing pipe thread. Systems, sewage, heating, water used vodozabornaya fittings. It could be valves, valves, valves of various types.


Able not only to regulate but also to lock. Equipped with a disk on the axis perpendicular to the axis of the pipeline. Set on the main hydraulic structures of large diameter. The shutter is controlled via a gear by manual or electric, is equipped with a remote control. Electric can completely block the flow during emergency situations when you need to disconnect the motor.


Have a locking element which moves perpendicular to the flow of the working environment. The valve itself has a very simple design and minimal hydraulic resistance. At the same time, it has a large size, which is a relative disadvantage.


Provide a reliable, tight connection of pipes. With them the catch is attached to the pipeline. It is a flat ring with bolt holes (studs), is welded to the pipeline. Distinguish weld-on flange, flat collar or weld neck.

Ball valve

Refers to the simplest class of locking devices as an alternative to traditional gate valves. To open and close the tap by turning around the axis of a small ball with a hole, but it is not possible to control the power flow.


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