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GOST R 55432-2013

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GOST R 55432−2013 Plate replacement for profile milling tool for machining wood materials and plastics. Technical requirements

GOST R 55432−2013



Technical requirements

Turnblades for machining wood materials and plastics. Technical requirements

OKS 79.120.20
OKP 196120

Date of introduction 2014−07−01



2 SUBMITTED by the Technical Committee for standardization TC 095 «Tool"

3 APPROVED AND put INTO EFFECT by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology dated may 20, 2013 N 107-St


Application rules of this standard are established in GOST R 1.0−2012 (section 8). Information about the changes to this standard is published in the annual (as of January 1 of the current year) reference index «National standards» and the official text changes and amendments — in monthly information index «National standards». In case of revision (replacement) or cancellation of this standard a notification will be published in a future issue of information index «National standards». Relevant information, notification and lyrics are also posted in the information system of General use — on the official website of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology on the Internet (

1 Scope

This standard covers the technical requirements flat universal replaceable profile inserts for milling tool for machining wood materials and plastics on the position machines, automatic lines and machine tools with computer numerical control (CNC).

2 Normative references

This standard uses the regulatory references to the following standards:

GOST R 55433−2013 Plate replacement for profile milling tool for machining wood materials and plastics. Types and sizes

GOST 8.051−81 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Error allowed when measuring linear dimensions to 500 mm

GOST 2789−73 surface Roughness. Parameters and characteristics

GOST 3882−74 (ISO 513−75) sintered hard Alloys. Brand

GOST 9013 (ISO 6508−86) Metals. Method of measuring Rockwell hardness

GOST 9378−93 (ISO 2632−1-85, ISO 2632−2-85) Samples of surface roughness (comparison). General specifications

GOST 18088−83 Tool metal-cutting, diamond, wood cutting, fitter and helper. Packing, marking, transportation and storage

GOST 19265−73 Bars and strips of high speed steel. Specifications

GOST 25706−83 Magnifier. Types, basic parameters. General technical requirements

Note — When using this standard appropriate to test the effect of reference standards in the information system of General use — on the official website of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology on the Internet or in the annual information index «National standards» published as on January 1 of the current year, and the editions of the monthly information index «National standards» for the current year. If replaced with a reference standard, which was given an undated reference, then it is recommended to use the current version of this standard, taking into account all enabled in this version modifications. If replaced with a reference standard, which is given a dated reference, it is recommended to use the version of this standard referred to above by year of approval (acceptance). If after approval of this standard in the reference standard, which is given a dated reference, a change affecting a provision to which reference, the provision is recommended to be applied without taking into account this change. If the reference standard is cancelled without replacement, the position in which reference is made to him, recommended to be used in part not affecting this link.

3 Technical requirements

3.1 Basic dimensions

Main types and sizes of plates according to GOST R 55433.

3.2 Characteristics

3.2.1 Plate made from hard alloy or high speed steel.

Brand tool material the manufacturer chooses, depending on the workpiece material and machining conditions.

Physical-mechanical properties and durability of the material of the plates of hard alloy must not give in to the VK8 alloy grade according to GOST 3882; material plates of high speed steel — steel of grade R6M5 GOST 19265.

3.2.2 Hardness of plates of high speed steel should be at least 57…60 HRC.

3.2.3 On the plate surfaces should be free of blisters, fractures, delaminations, cracks.

3.2.4 Tolerances of form and position of surfaces of the plates shall be:

— the tolerance of the parallelism of the front and bearing surfaces of the plates is 0.01 mm;

the parallelism tolerance and the straightness of the cutting edge plates — 0,016 mm;

— tolerance of flatness of the front and bearing surfaces of the plates is 0.025 mm.

3.2.5 the difference between the weight plates of the same batch should be no more than 0.1 g.

3.2.6 roughness parameters of the surfaces of the plates according to GOST 2789 must be, mcm, not more than:

Ra 0.8 — bearing surfaces of the plates;

Ra 0,63 — front, rear and side working surfaces of the plates.

3.2.7 maximum rejections of sizes of plates shall be not more than:

8 h — for the linear dimensions of the plates;

h 9 — the thickness of the plates;

H14 — the diameter of the holes of the plates.

3.2.8 Limit deviations of the angles of taper of the cutting plates, the clipping plates and the corners of the base portion of the plate-blanket should be no more than ±30'.

3.3 Marking

3.3.1 Plate of the same brand of hard alloy or high speed steel, same batch and same size stack of at least 10 units in boxes to ensure the safety plates from damage.

On the labels of the boxes should be clearly marked:

— name or trademark of the manufacturer;

— type and size of the plates (or the symbol on the standard);

— mark plate material;

— number.

Note — allowed marking other information on request.

3.3.2 Transport marking and labelling consumer packaging — according to GOST 18088.

3.4 Packaging — according to GOST 18088.

4 acceptance Rules

4.1 To verify compliance plates requirements of this standard the manufacturer shall carry out acceptance inspection.

Plate on control present parties. The party must consist of plates of the same size, the same brand of tool material, manufactured in one technological process for a certain period of time and simultaneously presented for acceptance on the same document.

4.2 During acceptance inspection should be monitoring the appearance, dimensional parameters and the parameters characterizing the roughness of the surfaces, the quality of heat treatment for steel plates, matching stamps for carbide inserts.

Acceptance inspection should be carried out in the following volume of sample:

— compliance 3.2.3 — solid;

— compliance 3.2.1, 3.2.2, 3.2.4−3.2.8 — 5% from the party, but not less than 10 plates.

Compliance plates requirements 3.2.1 define:

— for plates of solid alloy GOST 3882;

— for plates of high speed steel — GOST 19265.

4.3. Upon detection of the first sample one plate not conforming to the requirements of this standard, from the same batch are selected a second sample of the same volume.

If the second sample is detected at least one plate, not meeting the requirements of this standard, the batch is not accepted.

5 Methods of control and testing

5.1 appearance of the plates is controlled visually. The presence of cracks check by means of a magnifying glass LP-1−5ГОСТ Р 55432-2013 Пластины сменные неперетачиваемые для фрезерного инструмента для обработки древесных материалов и пластиков. Технические требованияaccording to GOST 25706 or flaw. Allowed the appearance of plates to control the visual comparison with the samples approved in the established order.

5.2 hardness Control plates of high speed steel — GOST 9013.

5.3 surface Roughness of the plates should be checked by comparing with the samples of roughness according to GOST 9378 or with control samples having parameters of a roughness of not more than specified in 3.2.6.

5.4 in the control of dimensional parameters of the plates used methods and means of measurement error which should be no more than:

— the values specified in GOST 8.051,
- when dimension linear size ;
— 35% check the tolerance on the angle - « « corner « ;

— 25% of the tolerance check parameter in the measurement of deviations of form and position of surfaces.

5.5. The reliability of removable profile plates (tests for performance, the average and the prescribed periods of resistance) must conform the instrument to the appropriate cutting tool.

6 Transportation and storage

Transportation and storage of plates according to GOST 18088.

621.9.025.7 UDC:669:006.352 OKS 79.120.20 OKP 196120
77.160 096100

Keywords: changeable profile plate, machining wood materials and plastics, technical requirements