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Steel 12KH25N5TMFL (10Х25Н5ТМФЛ)

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Name The value
Designation GOST Cyrillic 12Х25Н5ТМФЛ
Designation GOST Latin 12X25H5TMFL
Transliteration 12H25N5TMFL
The chemical elements 12Cr25Н5TiMoV
Name The value
Designation GOST Cyrillic 10Х25Н5ТМФЛ
Designation GOST Latin 10X25H5TMFL
Transliteration 10H25N5TMFL
The chemical elements 10Cr25Н5TiMoV


12KH25N5TMFL steel is used: for the manufacture of casting valves chemical industry, aviation parts and other industries; parts operating under high pressure up to 300 bar (30 MPa).


Steel corrosion resistant, heat resistant (up to +600°C) austenitic-ferritic class.


Name Code Standards
Castings with special properties (cast iron and steel) В83 GOST 2176-77
Castings, steel В82 GOST 977-88

Chemical composition

Standard C S P Mn Cr Si Ni Fe Cu N V Ti Mo
GOST 977-88 ≤0.12 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 0.3-0.8 23.5-26 0.2-1 5-6.5 The rest - 0.08-0.2 0.07-0.15 0.08-0.2 0.06-0.12
GOST 2176-77 ≤0.12 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 0.3-0.8 23.5-26 0.2-1 5-6.5 The rest ≤0.3 0.08-0.2 0.07-0.15 0.08-0.2 0.06-0.12
Fe is the basis.
According to GOST 2176-77 the chemical composition is given for steel grade 12X25N5TMFL. Deviations from the norms of chemical composition are allowed: for carbon ± 0.020%; for silicon ± 0.10%; on manganese, copper, chromium and nickel ± 0.10% each; by titanium and tungsten ± 0.050% each; by vanadium, molybdenum and niobium ± 0.020% each.

Mechanical characteristics

Section, mm sT|s0,2, MPa σB, MPa d5, % y, % kJ/m2, кДж/м2
Quenching with 1140-1160 °C, cooling with the furnace to 970-990 °C, further cooled in oil
100 ≥392 ≥540 ≥12 ≥40 ≥294

Description mechanical marks

Name Description
Section Section
sT|s0,2 Yield strength or limit of proportionality with a tolerance for residual deformation of 0.2%
σB Limit short-term strength
d5 Elongation after rupture
y The relative narrowing
kJ/m2 Toughness

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