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Alloy solder


Solder is the metal or alloy, which in the molten state, performing a connection of metal parts. The melting temperature of the solder should be lower than the mounted products. Later, cooled down, he will give you a solid connection.

Percentage composition of solders

Solder Sn Sb Pb
Posse-40−2 39 — 41 from 1.5 to 2 Basis
Piss-30−2 29 — 31 from 1.5 to 2 Basis
PIC-40 39 — 41 from 0.005 to 0.5 Basis
POS-61 60 — 62 from 0.005 to 0.5 Basis
PIC-30 29 — 31 from 0.005 to 0.5 Basis

The most popular solders tin-lead brand POS. Numeric value: 30, 40, 61, etc. reflects the percentage of tin in the alloy.


When mounting couplings using the POS carry out the connection for the conductors, metal sheath cables with aluminum, the ends of the ferrules, lead or brass couplings, produce a grounding metallic sheaths, screens, cable armor according to the norms of GOST 1499−70.

— POS 40 — soldering brass, iron, and copper wires.

— POS30 — soldering of brass, copper, iron, zinc and galvanized sheets, tinplate, radio, binding wire electric motors and flexible hoses.

— POS 61 — filigree soldering the thinnest wires. The high content of tin in it lowers the melting point of the solder.

According to the 48−0220−62−94 solder brand ПОС36 contains: zinc — 63% tin — 36%. It is used to run termination lugs, soldering the conductors, they soldered metal sheath cable with a lead, brass and aluminum couplings; grounded screens, sheaths and armour of cables.

solder Application:
POS61 Tinning and soldering of electric and radio equipment, precise instruments with vysokoaromatichnyj seams, printed circuits, without overheating. Without antimony.
POSK2−18 Tinning and soldering of ceramic and metallic details. Without Sb.
POSK50−18 Processing powder materials that are sensitive to overheating of the cermet, as well as to perform the step of soldering the capacitors. Without Sb.
POS40 Soldering and tinning of parts from galvanized sheet metal with sealed seams and appliances. Without antimony.
Possu25−05 Soldering and tinning of heat sinks. Contains traces of antimony, a well-braze galvanized and zinc parts.
Possu95−5 Used in electrotechnical industry to braze piping that is designed for heating. Contains antimony.
POM2 Low temperature soft soldering. Fusible solder.
POS30 Available in the form of ingots of wire and round bars which are filled with flux tubes and powder. Without antimony.
Possu18−05 Perform the tinning and soldering of tubes in heat exchangers and bulbs. Good soldering zinc and galvanized parts. Contains traces of antimony.
Possu25−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contains antimony.
ПОССу8−3 The manufacture of light bulbs. Contains antimony.
POS10 Manufacture of electrical contacts and relays, as well as for tinning and fill the control tubes of the locomotive furnaces. The composition does not contain antimony.
Possu18−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contains antimony
Possu40−2 Perform the tinning and soldering of parts of refrigerators and sheet packaging. Contains antimony. Solder wide application.
Possu10−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contain antimony.
Possu15−2 Used in the automotive industry. Contain antimony.
Possu50−05 Perform the tinning and soldering of aircraft radiators, soldering appliances cookware with further tinkering with food tin. Contains traces of antimony, good braze galvanized and zinc products
POS61M Perform the tinning and soldering very thin (0.2 mm) details: foil, copper wire, printed circuits in the jewelry business and the electronics industry. Does not contain antimony. Performing tinning and soldering in bathrooms and crucibles are not acceptable.
Possu35−05 Perform the tinning and soldering of lead cable sheaths, electrical and not particularly responsible products and packaging sheet. Contains traces of antimony, good braze galvanized and zinc parts.
ПОССу61−05 Perform the tinning and soldering of elements of all printed circuit boards, electrical equipment, electroosmotic and electronic components galvanized with toughened requirements to the level of temperature. Contains traces of antimony, performs soldering zinc and galvanized products.
ПОС63 Soldering printed circuits, soldering on automated lines using wave solder, dip pulling.
Possu4−4 Used in the automotive industry. Contains antimony.
Possu5−1 Perform the tinning and soldering of parts that operate under conditions of heating and tinning tubular radiators. Contains antimony.
POS90 Handling internal sutures medical equipment and household utensils. Without antimony.
Possu30−2 Perform the tinning and soldering of refrigerating circuits, in the automotive industry, electrical industry, the implementation of abrasive soldering. The presence of antimony in the composition.
Possu4−6 Used for soldering tinplate, perform the tinning and soldering details, with a rolled and riveted joints of copper and brass, for putty car body. The presence of antimony in the composition.
Possu30−05 Used for tinning and soldering of sheet zinc and radiators.
Possu40−05 Designed for tinning and soldering of sheet metal, electroosmotic, soldering, Assembly elements, cable and coil products, galvanized parts, radiator pipes and refrigeration units. Contains traces of antimony, zinc fine solder and zinc parts.
Possu35−2 Laika lead pipes, abrasive soldering. The presence of antimony in the composition.


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