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Hex bar made of titanium

Hex bar made of titanium


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Technical characteristics

Titanium hex bar is made according to GOST 26 492−85. Titanium alloys of grades 1, 2 are used for manufacture. Chemical composition of mill-products complies with GOST 19 807−74, IS 1 90 013−81. A sample capture and preparation are compliant with GOST in order to define chemical composition. If to compare it with other alloys, titanium is more consistent than iron alloys and as soft as aluminium. It is characterized be high technical characteristics and long operational life. It compensates its high price.

Physicochemical properties

— a heat conduction that increases at temperature raise;

— low volume weight;

— by its tensibility and plasticity it is comparable with cuprum;

— it possesses capability to form effective alloys;

— it possesses resistance to aggressive environment;

— it possesses low creeping (the same as stainless steel has);


Titanium hex bar is a basis for aircraft and rocket engineering. It finds an application in manufacture of heat-exchange system. Due to its harmlessness and nontoxicity, it is used in food industry, restoration surgery, dentistry, orthopaedics. It is used in cryogenic equipment because they keep strength and plasticity in conditions of extreme cold. There can be made essential details for shipbuilding out of this metal. Sphere of its application are lot limited.

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