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Chinese imports of rare earth metals in the United States can significantly decrease
14 June 2019
Relations between the US and China continue to dwell. Recently, the us authorities imposed a ban on Chinese company Huawei. China intends to give a hard answer. It planned to limit exports of rare earth...
Corporation ArcelorMittal reduces its production volume
12 June 2019
In the beginning of the month, the Corporation ArcelorMittal made an important statement. She said she plans to reduce their production volumes. We are talking about the production of sheet metal in Europe. The total...
It is expected further growth in world consumption of lithium
11 June 2019
Sociedad Quimaca y Minera de Chile — Chilean company producing lithium. It is the world’s largest manufacturer. Recently the company presented its quarterly report. It also contains forecasts for the near future.
India may face shortage of iron ore
8 June 2019
India Ratings is the Indian division of the international rating company Fitch. It has analyzed the current situation in the country and made their predictions. They relate to a future fiscal year. So, according to experts,...
A significant rise in the volume of world consumption of scrap metal
7 June 2019
International Recycling Bureau has provided the latest data for last year. So, it was noted that significantly increased the volume of world consumption of scrap metal. Mostly it is fixed in new market and developed countries.
Easteel International Trading Group want to create in Brazil steel plant
5 June 2019
Easteel International Trading Group is a Chinese investment company. It is engaged in financing projects in the framework of a certain concept. It is called the «One belt, one road». The company...
Indian Tata Steel will take up your steel mill Port Talbot
3 June 2019
Tata Steel is a large Indian steel company. It had previously planned to merge with another entity. We are talking about the steel unit of Thyssenkrupp. This is one of the largest German corporations. Both the company...
Tenaris and Severstal will build a joint venture by the beginning of next year
30 May 2019
In February it became known about cooperation of two large companies. We are talking about the Russian Severstal and Italian Tenaris. They intend to create a joint venture. The transaction was approved by the European...
Corporation Vale intends to re-start the mining of iron ore in the next few years
28 May 2019
The Brazilian Corporation Vale is engaged in mining of iron ore. However, she had to suspend work. The reason for this was the disaster that occurred at the end of January. Then there was a breakthrough of the dam.
Iranian exports will be subject to new us sanctions
26 May 2019
In early may, the U.S. President had signed a new Executive order. It concerns the introduction of additional sanctions for Iran. In particular we are talking about the Iranian export of iron ore. Also it will affect...
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